The Importance of Crossroads

Due to a variety of relational and socio-economic factors, many young women who are cast out of their homes when their pregnancy is discovered often find themselves in unhealthy or life threatening living arrangements. Choices Resource Center reports: 65% of our abortion vulnerable clients claimed that they were considering abortion because of problems concerning family relationships, living situations, and/or financial burdens. All of these problems may have been averted by the presence of a home. An unplanned pregnancy should not keep a young mom from going to school, getting a decent job, or being a good mother, but not having a safe place to live and a chance to better their lives could.

For the past three years Crossroads has been contacted to house one or more mom and child and this year has been no exception. Again there was a need for a safe place and we were asked if Crossroads was taking residents. But, until that time arrives we are also looking for mentoring homes for six moms and babies until the Crossroads facility is ready for occupancy. Is this a way you could help us now? The mentoring home will be run with the same requirements as if they were living at Crossroads so the move will not be a whole new adjustment when they move into the facility after it opens.