Invest in Crossroads Transition

Our Needs to Renovate to Begin Program

Shown below are the two renderings that show what Crossroads will look like after it is renovated.  Colors are different.

Cost Breakdown Estimates

Housemothers Residence

First Three Apartments



First Need to become Secure:

First Need to become Secure:

All of our doors and windows are special order due to none being standard sizes!

Doors: 2 @ $634.11/each  Each door priced with 9 light inserts for additional light

Doors: 8 – Two in each apartment $660.53/each –   One each end single –

Each door is priced with 9 lt. inserts to allow for more light in each room which is important since there is only one window in each room.


Four corner and One Living Room $152.77/each  = $763.85

One twin window for office $282.63

One downstairs bathroom Tempered and Obscure $284.15

One kitchen window $119.79

Two upstairs bathroom $133.18/each

Two upstairs bedroom $113.83/each

One double window in office $282.63

Windows: Six in each apartment – Two in end singles

One Bathroom $284.15/each    Tempered and Obscure

Two small Bedroom & One-Small Kitchen @ $127.08/each = $381.24   –   One kitchen in each end single

One-Large Bedroom & One-Large Living Room @ $152.77/each = $305.54   –   One in each end single

We will be completing the housemothers residence and the front apartment building as Phase 1 so we can begin our program as soon as possible with three mothers and up to six children.  These costs reflect that need, windows and doors excluded:

The following are interior estimates from flooring to ceiling.

We need your help to make this vision become a reality

The cost of renovating a one-bedroom apartment for an at-risk mother and her young child (3) $25,000 each

The cost of renovating the emergency single apartment $15,000

The cost of renovating the Office/Reception Room $10,000